Monthly Archives: August 2010

Tom Cruise cut my bangs

File this under wtf dreams. So I’m hanging out in this dorm of sorts. And I’m with a bunch of other girls and we’re all getting ready for this dance. And in the dream I knew all of the other girls, although I only actually knew two of them. So I’m getting ready for the [...]
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Weekends in Wonderland…

Ben and I visited Anthony and Jill up in Vermont this past weekend. Awesome times were had by all.
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Dive into the weekend…

This weekend I’m taking one of my four magical Summer Friday’s and Ben and I are going up to Vermont to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I was told to bring a bathing suit and layers. Can’t wait to escape the city and this humidity. I’m down for some layering weather! In the magical world [...]
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Best Coast 2010

Video of my west coast adventures with my Ben Friend. I mostly used my harinezumi to film it and imovie to put it together. This is my third attempt at a harinezumi video and while I’m pretty pleased with the final result, I’ve watched it so many times now that all I see are the [...]
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