Tom Cruise cut my bangs

File this under wtf dreams.

So I’m hanging out in this dorm of sorts. And I’m with a bunch of other girls and we’re all getting ready for this dance. And in the dream I knew all of the other girls, although I only actually knew two of them. So I’m getting ready for the dance with one of the friends I actually recognized and apparently there were people there to do our makeup and hair. And I decide that I need to get my bangs cut so I figure I’ll have the hair dresser trim my bangs. Except that the hair dresser is Tom Cruise. But early Tom Cruise, not creepy Scientology couch jumper Tom Cruise. He was researching a role and he thought he was all incognito but everyone knew it was him. We were all just being polite pretending we didn’t know. So the other friend in the dream I actually recognized brought me over to Tom to get my bangs trimmed. She seemed to be in charge of this whole thing. Oh and I had short hair again in the dream. So Tom starts cutting my bangs and it’s clear from the start that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he ends up cutting my bangs for hours. And everyone’s getting pissed because it’s taking so long and I’m super embarrassed about the whole thing. And the longer he takes, the more embarrassed I became and the more I just wanted Tom Cruise to stop trying to cut my hair. So he finally finishes and I go back to where my other friend is to finish getting ready and I finally look in the mirror to see how Tom did and all I could think in the dream was that he totally gave me Single White Female bangs and I was really horrified.

image via VTV

So yeah, that was weird.

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