It’s either sadness or euphoria…

Oh Billy, why do you do this to me?

I suppose it is just not our time yet. I must keep hope that some day my Billy will find me. In the meantime…I do have my Ben Friend. Umm…I mean…I love you Ben Friend! Umm…

So yes, Billy did not fully fulfill his hosting duties on Saturday night. Instead, they played a brief clip from his press event held at Citi Field earlier that day. (I knew I should’ve staked out the place the night before. Darn it!!) Despite this drawback, the weekend was pretty slammin’.

“Last Play at Shea” was not at all what I expected. Rather than focusing on the actual concert the documentary covered the Mets and Shea Stadium’s history alongside Billy’s, interspersed with talking head interviews and “Last Play at Shea” snippets. Having attended the second, and last, “Last Play at Shea” it brought back many great memories from that night. It truly was an amazing musical experience. The highlight of the evening was when Sir Paul McCartney showed up at the last minute to close the show. There were rumors leading up to the show about whether or not Sir Paul would bring the Shea history full circle that night – The Beatles played the first ever show at Shea in ’65. And there was much whispering going on throughout the show, but no one knew for certain until he stepped foot on stage. It was mentioned that Billy didn’t even know Paul was going to make it to the show until the 11th hour. Watching how it all unfolded in the film was really neat – and it really was a very 11th hour change of plans. Not being a baseball fan myself the Shea Stadium history didn’t really factor in at the time, but there was definitely a feeling that night that we were all a part of something bigger. This film really cemented that for me. I definitely recommend any baseball and/or music fans check it out.

And while it doesn’t compare to my Billy in the flesh, Citi Field does have a gluten free food stand – something I heard about back before it opened and figured I would never experience in person due to my previously mentioned lack of baseball interest. So while I enjoyed the movie I also got to enjoy a tremendously tasty gluten free sausage and peppers sandwich and gluten free beer. Being a baseball stadium the food was, of course, over-priced. But considering it’s rare to find a gluten free sandwich anywhere for under $10, paying $7.50 for a very tasty, very large sausage sandwich seemed down-right reasonable. Paying $7.50 for a Red Bridge – the gluten-free equivalent of a Bud Light – down-right wrong. But all in all, a good baseball-less, Billy-less (sniff sniff) baseball stadium experience.

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  1. Steve
    Posted 08/24/2010 at 3:30 PM | Permalink

    Hey Sara….Dana and I were at the movie on Saturday too. We, too, were bummed Billy wasn’t there in person. In addition, we both mentioned (many times) how disappointing it was not to attend the actual Last Play at Shea. You got me a ticket … I couldn’t go because of someone’s wedding. I won’t mention any names. That concert seemed awesome. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ah well…

  2. Sara
    Posted 08/25/2010 at 7:16 PM | Permalink

    Who gets married the night of a Billy Joel concert? That’s just ridiculous!

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