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…And here’s some interwebby stuff I enjoyed this week. Hope you enjoy it too.

My new life motto:

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Not to start this off on a sad note, but a very important web-y thing going on right now. The sister of a very close friend of mine was critically injured in an accident on August 5. If you’ve seen the video I did of my friend Jill’s birthday party back in May – the most adorable little boy ever that was in the video attacking the pinata, his mom. Please send love and prayers her way and if you can, please donate here to help her and her very sweet and loving family during this difficult time.

And now on to some happier web-y items.

** Jersey Shore + Family Circus = Jersey Cirucs.
** As if I needed another reason to avoid fast food.
** Despite that, Wendy’s Training Videos are amazing!!
** Snoop Dogg + Cat Hat = awesome-ness!
** Epic Owl!!!
** Hungover Owls!!!!
** This is nerdy amazingness!
** These kids are cooler than you.

** I think it’s about time I replace the strands of hearts in my apartment. I’m thinking strands of these would be perfect for fall.
** I might not be getting ready for elementary school but I really want to make this to wear myself.
** Make your own snack bag.

** I want to see the world the way she does.
** Balloons and weddings – two of my very favorite things.
** Some inspiration for Saturday’s Jazz Age Lawn Party.
** And an unlikely source for Jazz Age inspiration.
** This makes me want to go camping real bad.
** Loving Ruche’s Fall Lookbook so much!
** And Toast’s.
** Ignoring the Real Housewive’s connection, focusing on the adorableness of Tavi.
** Amazing cakes and cupcakes inspired by books.
** Gorgeous ring (hint, hint, friend).
** My mom would think this look was “interesting.” I think it’s gorgeous.
** I love everything about this wedding.
** This picture made me smile endlessly.

** $25 gift certificate to Suzanna Anna at The Bright Side Project.
** $100 gift certificate to Ruche from A Cup of Jo.

** Next time I’m in Pt. Reyes I want to stay here.
** I want to ride in this guy’s cab.

** A great discussion about the Time’s What is it about twenty-somethings? piece going on here.
** Brands Sponsoring Influential Bloggers.
** Posters from the past that can guide us into the future.
** Preschool depression is the saddest illness ever.
** I’ve always loved John Mellencamp. This makes me like him even more.
** Whichever side you fall on, can we all just please agree to stop comparing women to cows?
** Lots to think about and love in this video.
** I just started reading Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things and it’s really changed the way I look at things and how important it is to design and build with the natural landscape in mind. I think this house might perfectly illustrate that idea.
** I quit my job and you should too. (I mean, I didn’t quit my job but I really like the idea behind this post.)

I’d like to leave you with this…

via Plant Magic Dust

See you next week!

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  1. Posted 08/30/2010 at 3:27 AM | Permalink

    Shucks, Sara. Thank you very much for the shout-out! So thrilled that you like the post. :-)

    Aaand I totally dig your weekly web recap. :) Tons of great stuff here!

    Sending lots of good thoughts & love to your friend’s sister. <3

  2. Rachel
    Posted 08/31/2010 at 12:45 AM | Permalink

    Hi Sara :)
    I wanted to personally thank you for that beautiful comment you left on my blog last week,
    It definately helped to make my day.

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