I’m old. Let’s celebrate.

I turned 30 a few weeks ago so we celebrated. It took some convincing but I got my parents to let me utilize their house.

Dad, Sara, & Mom - 2/5/12

The house is a bit far from our apartment and it wasn’t easy getting all my friends down there. It didn’t help that I gave bad bus directions (I still blame the bus, not my directions!) to my friends coming down from the city, or that Ben realized after we were almost to my parent’s house that he forgot the large container of his famous hummus he spent most of the night before making. But my city friends made it and the hummus was saved and having it at my parent’s house made it easier for one of my very best friends to make it since she was able to leave her two month old with her parent’s next door. It was pretty appropriate having her there since she helped me celebrate almost all of my birthdays since we were three (and her husband has been around for the last 15 or so).

Don, Kendall, Sara & Ben - 2/4/12

I scored an awesome vintage dress from Shareen Vintage. That experience deserves it’s own post so stay tuned.

Back to the party…we had birthday hats!

Sara - 2/4/12

And pin the eye on the Ugly Doll!

Alex & Ben - 2/4/12

And home-made pinatas that sorta worked!


And home-made gluten-free chocolate birthday cake with caramel frosting!


And a defective spin art machine!

(no image. sad face.)

And sparklers!

Liz - 2/4/12

And a photo booth!

Ben’s job for the party (in addition to the hummus) was the photo booth. I provided the props and my brother and sister-in-law helped me blow up the balloons for the awesome backdrop.


It was pretty much the hit of the party…

Jill & Alex - 2/4/12

Francisca & Alex - 2/4/12

Joey - 2/4/12

Anthony & Jill - 2/4/12

Shar, Sara, Alex & Jill - 2/4/12

Joey - 2/4/12

Jimmy & Anthony - 2/4/12

Jill & Sara - 2/4/12

Alex, Sara & Jill - 2/4/12

Sara & Joe - 2/4/12

Bill, Liz, Jill, & Joey - 2/4/12

Bill - 2/4/12

Jill & Sara - 2/4/12

Anthony, Sara & Joe - 2/4/12

Ben & Sara - 2/4/12

Jung Min & Sara - 2/4/12

Alex & Joey - 2/4/12

Jill & Bill - 2/4/12

Ben & Sara - 2/4/12

Sara, Jill, & Alex - 2/4/12

Ben, Sara, & Jill - 2/4/12

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