Weekends in Wonderland

Last weekend before the new job. Got to see these two adorable faces.

Last time I saw Hadley, she was just learning to walk. This time she was walking up a storm and very chatty. It’s crazy how much they change in such a short period of time.

Emmy was pretty much the same. I also got to see Kendall, Don and Tobey. Did some pre-new job shopping and some thrift store shopping. Here’s my awesome haul:

Clockwise from top left: Ann Taylor Loft sweater ($6), Silk jacket/blazer ($3), Madewell striped dress ($6 [saw at the store less than two weeks ago for $98]), J.Crew yellow flower sweater ($6), 80′s polka dot blazer ($2), Inspi(red) Gap t-shirt ($3), 3 cones of yarn ($4), Bright pink 60′s dress ($4), Elie Tahari silk printed dress ($15), Close-up of the Elie Tahari print, Steven Alan striped sweater ($4), 90′s Sunflower print baby doll dress ($2), Pins & Needles heart print blouse ($6), Close-up of heart print, Whitney Biennial Chuck Close for Gap t-shirt ($2.50), Sleeveless striped top ($2).

There was also a delicious home-made gluten-free cake (by Ben) and chocolate frosting (by me). It was too delicious to stop for a picture.

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