Mighty Life List for 2014

I am revisiting my Mighty Life List from two years ago. I kind of forgot about it there for a while and I didn’t do anything on my list in 2013. So I’m re-focusing and I’ve broken out what I really want to accomplish this year. I’ve broken it out into my definite list (things that I not only want to accomplish, but feasibly could) and my ideal list (things I’d really like to do in 2014 but may require more money, time or energy than I may have this year). And then at the bottom I’ve added some things to the list (unsurprisingly many of them are weaving related).

- Run a successful Etsy shop
- Learn to use my SLR camera
- Keep a consistent blog
- Only buy second-hand or cradle to cradle eco-friendly/sustainable clothing, or make it myself
- Live within my means
- Go four months without purchasing any magazines
- Be passionate about my job/Have a job I’m passionate about
- Start a gratitude journal
- Update and maintain the memory list I made for Ben
- Eat at the restaurant at the bottom of the hill on Newark Ave
- Have a picnic at Liberty State Park
- Go a month without eating at restaurants
- Take tourist photos of my own romance
- Send out a package to a friend once a month
- Visit Savannah
- Ride my bike whenever it is a viable option
- visit the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art
- Write a comic
- visit The Cloisters with Ben
- visit the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company
- Simplify my home, closet, ipod, bookshelf, craft table
- Run my own business

- Meet Billy Joel
- Road trip across the US
- Sleep in a tree house
- Speak another language fluently (or at least conversationally)
- Learn to draw
- Live in another country
- Have enough money saved to feel comfortable
- Remove toxins from my food and environment
- Read and/or donate every book in my home
- Get another tattoo
- Work with a South American artisan
- Volunteer in another country
- Make, cook, wear, etc. one thing from each of my Pinterest boards a week
- Take a long train ride with Ben
- Attend the Penland School of Crafts
- be able to play five songs on the piano by heart (at least one be a Billy Joel song)
- learn Billy Joel’s Scenes from an Italian Restaurant on the piano
- Volunteer at an animal shelter
- Teach a class
- Sew the Craftsy Sew Retro Bombshell Dress
- Bake a layered cake
- Take a workshop at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel, Mexico or just visit San Miguel, Mexico
- Make a video of our Costa Rica trip

Added for 2014
- Always have a dressed loom
- Weave everyday
- Learn a new weaving technique – either tapestry weaving or weaving on a 4 harness floor loom
- Experiment with weaving things other than scarves
- Visit Guatemala
- Be on time (ideally early) to everything
- Take three M Dance classes a week for a year
- Cut out sugar
- Sew two Cooper messenger bags (1 for myself, 1 for Ben)
- Have 2,000 followers on Pinterest

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