#tbt fat baby edition

I recently came into possession of a pile of childhood photos of myself that I had never seen before. Most of them were hilarious, some were horrifying. Apparently there was a short period during my first year of life where I was fat. Like really really fat.

Since I’m the youngest by quite a bit I decided to ask my siblings and parents if they recall me being scarily fat as a baby and no one did! Everyone was like “no, you were adorable and tiny and maybe you had chubby cheeks but no you weren’t fat!”

I’m sorry but that’s fat.

So I showed these photos to my family because apparently they have blocked this part of my life from their memory. These were some of their reactions…

“That’s some honey boo boo sh*t” – my brother

That blonde child looks appropriately scared.

“Awwwww it looks like child abuse.” – my sister

But my mom took one look, laughed hysterically and said that I was always her beautiful little girl.

But can we all agree that taking a picture of a fat baby with cake on their face is just cruel?

Apparently this super fat phase only lasted a few months and by the time I was 2 I was normal chubby baby size. Eventually growing into my super awkward skinny phase where my parents got in trouble because people thought they weren’t feeding me. Looking back now I wonder if maybe I wasn’t just dealing with some residual fat baby insecurities.

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