Hawaii Trip with Ben

Officially crossed off my Mighty Life List.

Ben and I decided (meaning I decided and Ben went along with it) to take advantage of some cheap flights to Hawaii and booked a trip for my 31st birthday.

So the trip was finally here and first our cat became a super diva and at the end of the 2 hours it took us to get her into her carrier she managed to climb over my face – drawing blood in the process. Of course she was a happy purring kitty by the time we got her to my aunt’s house. Then we had about 4 hours to sleep before we had to drive to Philly for our 5 am flight. We made it fine to LA but then our connecting flight was delayed an hour because the conveyor belt that carried the luggage onto the plane broke so the crew had to load everything manually. Still managed to make it to Oahu with just enough time to make our flight to Kauai when we were stuck on the plane on the runway for 45 minutes because they couldn’t get the door open. Seriously. So we missed our flight to Kauai – the last flight of the night of course. We of course had already booked a room and a car for the night in Kauai that were both non-refundable. And then began the search of a hotel room in Oahu which took an hour with every single hotel we called being booked for the night. This all resulted in me – traveling for the last 22 hours on 4 hours of sleep mind you – crying in the Oahu airport. Thank goodness for Ben. He was awesome and got us a beautiful room with a beautiful view of the ocean. Of course this room cost more than all of our other hotels for the week combined and I was so tired I didn’t even care how nice the room or the view was and immediately passed out only to wake up early to make our new flight to Kauai. All resulting in our “budget” trip to Hawaii not being budget or even “budget” at all. But still, we were now in Hawaii and we had an amazing time.

Our first day in Kauai we drove through the Waimea Canyon which was beautiful and amazing (you can pretty much assume that description for everything we did and saw on the trip). It was cool to explore this area with Ben since it’s one of the things I didn’t get a chance to do when I visited Kauai four years ago with Gigi and Carol.

That night we went to Hanapepe for their weekly Art Night. It was a great night of good food and beautiful art and we ended it in an awesome used book store where I found two rare books – one on indigenous jewelry and one on weaving – that I got for a steal. To top it off the owner was from the town over from where I grew up in NJ. Small world.

The next day we drove up to the north coast of Kauai. Stopping along the way for some amazing views and beaches.

and roosters of course…

We even made a stop here…

the same exact spot I was in 4 years with Gigi and Carol

although clearly on a much nicer day this time around (or at least with a better camera in tow).

For my birthday we had a nice dinner at the one fancy restaurant on the island that had a gluten-free menu. Unfortunately my birthday fell on the one night of the week that they were closed so we had a really lovely day-before-my-birthday birthday dinner.

And then some very tasty shaved ice on my actual birthday.

And then we were off to beautiful Oahu…

(not by sailboat. duh.)

Ben had some fun in the trees.

And then I took a very nice picture of Ben standing on a some rocks out in the water.

And then Ben took one of me…

Do you see that wave coming up behind me? Yeah…so did Ben. But did he tell me?

That would be a no. He didn’t want to ruin the picture of course.

So we watched the sunset in Oahu.

And enjoyed a fun night out.

Even got to meet up with Lucy who I’ve known and kept in touch with since I was 5.

I got to visit with her parents while we were in Kauai.

On our last morning we hiked up Diamond Head.

I didn’t mind the hike up so much. It was the hike down I had problems with.

Since our last day was Valentine’s Day I decided to put on my Hawaii-appropriate V-Day dress for our ride to the plane.

On this completely un-Hawaii-related note, I actually got that dress months before I ever booked the trip from the amazing Shareen Vintage (remember?). I got it for a wedding I was going to but decided not to wear it at the last second since (as Ben put it) people at the wedding might ask me when I’m due. (In Ben’s defense, he wasn’t saying it made me look fat or anything. It really did make me look pregnant.) But I figured if I was ever going to wear it, this was the time. And I didn’t care if anyone on our drive to the airport thought I was preggers.

I mean this was the type of person we came in contact during the drive. People who had to be told how to drive…

So despite a rather rocky start, we ended up having an amazing trip. And I happily got to cross one more thing off of my Mighty Life list.

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