#tbt the awkward years

For the most part I enjoyed going through the childhood photos my aunt recently gave to me. For the most part. But there were some from those years you try to forget…the awkward years.

I acknowledge that it’s probably about 90% the haircut. As it grew out it got better. Of course I had to go and add braces so that brings the awkward level back up a bit.

those eyebrows aren't really helping things

Then there were the photos where I look less awkward and more… special – yeah let’s go with special.

like really special

Check out that side eye I’m getting from my sister. Even she thinks I look special.

And she’s the one who inspired the questionable haircut in the first place. Sheesh.

But then I see pictures like this…

via Hollywood.com

and this…

via marieclairvoyant.com

and this…

via eonline.com

Which makes me feel better. Because we all had an awkward period and these ladies grew up to look like this:

via people.com

via philly.com

via empireonline.com

So maybe there’s hope for us all.

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